Episode 38

Marcus Stout: On-court to Off-court

Nowadays, we are told to pretend, fake, and create this persona that we’re not. Being comfortable with yourself and being honest with who you are, gives you the energy to thrive in the space that you step into, no matter what that is.

In today’s episode, Marcus and I focus on the topic of overcoming the struggle of going from the sports structure into the life after sports because the longer you play, the harder it is to accept when it ends.

Marcus Stout works with basketball players of all levels in various capacities to develop their on and off-court skills. He is involved with many programs, such as NBA Pre Draft training – which helps prepare players for the NBA who are eligible for the draft; The Academy – which is a program that is focused on developing the overall skills of the youth as a player and person; Drill and Play – which focuses on the development of the youth through the game of basketball.

So, listen to Episode 38 of Deposit That, to learn that acceptance of who you are and how you fit within the world is the biggest separator of people that are doing great and people that are not.

Questions I ask:

  • Tell us about your journey. (01:13)
  • Do you feel like your injuries happened for a reason, in order to give you the opportunity to give back the way you are today, to kids, and inspiring the youth, or do you think there was another reason for that? (03:01)
  • How was the transition from high school, with no expectations, into college and playing? (03:44)
  • Do you see sports ever changing back to the old school way of combine, show up, get looked and move forward? Or is it more of a long-shot investment now? (09:12)
  • What’s one thing you want to leave the listeners with? (55:44)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • In today’s sports world everyone is looking for shortcuts to find the next diamond in the rough. (12:28)
  • How to keep a balance in the roller coaster of the sports world. (20:49)
  • Marc’s experience with getting injured. (27:31)
  • The longer you play, the harder it is to accept when it ends. (31:56)
  • The reasons why writing is therapeutic. (34:16)
  • The top 5 young NBA players to watch. (52:15)

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