Episode 37

Frank Valenti: Hard Work Pays Off, No Matter What

There’s no substitute for hard work, for grinding, for building your own thing. Even when you’re tired and you want to go home, putting an extra effort into what you’re doing, and hustling just a little bit more, can definitely make you feel better about yourself.

In today’s episode, I talk to Frank about a ton of things. He’s a young and restless individual, who never likes to sit still, so he’s got a lot of stories to tell. We chat about his background, his numerous experiences in different fields, and how he juggles his personal and professional life.

From a young age, Frank Valenti worked alongside his father at his landscape construction company. While he was in college, studying civil engineering and construction management, he started his first company, doing small construction jobs. A friend of Frank’s advised him to get into the restoration business, so he founded Valcon Contracting Corp – a fire, mold, and water-restoration company, that now is very successful and is preferred over its competitors.

Frank’s entrepreneurial spirit, and the success of his company, led him to invest his life savings into a commercial building. That building had an empty first floor, so he decided to start, together with two friends, an Italian restaurant called “808 Social”.

So, listen to Episode 37 of Deposit That, to learn what makes this guy special, and the reasons why he’s the go-to guy whenever there’s a fire/mold/water restoration needed.

Questions I ask:

  • What would you say are two or three variables that turn a deal out to be good – better than expected, or bad – worse than expected? (05:47)
  • Talk to me about all the ancillary businesses that you’ve opened up. Why you’ve opened them up and how you became the entrepreneur you are today? (08:29)
  • If you had to pick one business that you have, to go all-in on, what would it be? (15:57)
  • What do you see in the market in Westchester County right now? Where do you see opportunity and where do you see pain points? (16:30)
  • Where do you think that the opportunity lies right now, in the real estate world? (21:21)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to land a job/project even though your rates are higher than your competitor’s. (11:13)
  • How Frank ended up opening a restaurant. (14:21)
  • What Frank looks at when analyzing a deal. (24:49)
  • How Frank handles work-life balance. (28:25)
  • Frank’s Deposit That advice. (33:31)

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