Episode 31

Matt Barbaccia: The Key Ingredient to Successful Loans

Lending in the real estate industry – as in any other field – requires a certain degree of communication between parties. As a borrower, it’s essential to be upfront with any difficulties you may encounter, because everyone can have rough times and lenders can be very understanding if they know the whole story.

In today’s episode, Matt and I discuss the key aspects a lender looks at when taking into consideration whether to invest in a deal or not, and he shares some of his experiences on the subject.

Matthew Barbaccia started his career in 2005 selling multi-family buildings in the Bronx for one of the largest national commercial real estate companies. As the market started to turn around, in 2008 he partnered with a Bronx owner-operator to combine expertise to better help his clients navigate the changing real estate market. Throughout Matthew’s career, he has directly advised on the sale, financing or asset management for over $500 million worth of investment properties in NYC and Westchester County.

Matthew founded Brix Real Estate to expand on 15 years of real estate experience in the Bronx, Westchester and Manhattan selling, financing and managing multifamily and mixed-use properties. He is actively involved in the NYC real estate community. Currently, Matthew is a member of Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP) and Rent Stabilization Association (RSA).

So, listen to Episode 31 of Deposit That, to learn how the real estate market has changed in the past few years, and what type of deals Matt focuses on, at the moment.

Questions I ask:

  • What sparked that entry into the private lending space? (06:37)
  • What’s been your experience so far? Do you like it? What are the opportunities and where are the problems? (07:39)
  • Do you believe that people that want to get into real estate or mortgage lending should start while they’re in college? (11:36)
  • Based on all the years of experience, all the business ventures you’ve done, what you currently do – wife, kids, everything else – what’s one thing you want to leave the listeners with that they can implement immediately into their daily life? (52:12)

In this episode you will learn:

  • Matthew’s background. (00:32)
  • The reasons Matt transitioned to property management. (03:21)
  • Mezz Financing explained. (09:03)
  • How Matthew manages to balance his work life with spending time with his wife and two kids. (13:57)
  • What a borrower should do, if they have hard times. (19:22)

Connect with Matt:

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