Episode 29

Brett Sikora & David DeVoe Part 2: Learning from Failures

Failing is a great way to improve ourselves. We mostly learn from the mistakes we experience, but when it’s possible, it’s important to take notice of other people’s errors and try not to repeat them, so that we have less to experience on our own.

In today’s episode, Brett and Dave share their biggest failures and what they’ve learned through the years. They also talk about EXP’s mentoring program that helps young agents find out what their weak spots are and become better at doing business.

Brett Sikora launched Sikora Group in 2016, with the main goal of making sure that every client and team member is getting the white-glove service they need to make the process of buying or selling real estate as smooth as possible. He got his real estate license in 2007 and started selling real estate after he worked at a car dealership and wanted to pursue a career in sales on a bigger scale.

David DeVoe is the CEO and founder of the DeVoe Group, a company that provides the best service possible to handle the real estate needs from start to finish. Prior to being in the real estate business, he worked in the mortgage industry for 10 years.

So, listen to Episode 29 of Deposit That, to learn from their failures and deposit those into your memory bank, so that when you’re in a similar situation, you’ll have a better chance of not repeating the history.

Questions I ask:

  • Why EXP? (23:30)
  • Do you think the industry is shifting, like, the people with experience and people without experience are actually willing to hire someone like yourself, to get coaching or get advisory or get some mentorship that they’re willing to pay for, other than the revenue share split for being on the team? (28:48)
  • Why are people – specifically in real estate – so against the facts or the proof in the pudding of reality? (32:57)
  • What do you recommend for the person that’s listening and they’re like, “I really want to leave my full-time job. I want to become a successful real estate agent.” How should that transition look like and at what point should they really just decide, commit, and go all-in on being a licensed real estate salesperson? (37:08)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Jeff’s biggest failure. (01:08)
  • Brett’s scariest real estate investment, and his definition of failure. (05:09)
  • The trap than many people fall into – Dave included – thinking that all the money they make is theirs. (09:37)
  • The importance of investing in an advisor that will help you set your budget right, especially if you’re young and inexperienced. (12:03)
  • The benefits of EXP’s mentoring program. (43:00)

Connect with Brett and Dave:

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