Episode 23

Ben Osborne: Insights into the Sports Writing World

Social media has allowed everyone to be a writer. Whether we’re updating our Facebook status, or we Tweet an opinion or post a long story on Instagram, we all put our creativity into words. But, being a writer means more than that, it requires a lot of hard work, discipline, passion, and dedication.

In today’s episode, Ben shares some of the secrets he has learned over the years, from his experience with writing for sports magazines and websites, and also dipping his toes in the literary area.

Ben Osborne has been a part of SLAM magazine, rising from intern to nearly a decade as Editor-In-Chief, and, in 2016, has made the transition to being Editor-in-Chief at Bleacher Report. He felt he needed to take this step because, while he loves basketball, he is an all-sports fan and believes he’s got something to offer on all of them.

So, listen to Episode 23 of Deposit That, to learn what it takes to be a successful writer in the sports world.

Questions I ask:

  • Did you always write about sports, even while you were playing them, or not? (01:54)
  • What was it like, working for SLAM? (04:26)
  • What’s your advice to somebody that really wants to turn their passion for writing into income? (09:27)
  • How do compare, good or bad, ESPN to Bleacher Report? (29:04)
  • How do you translate what’s in your head and what you feel on the inside, onto paper, where everyone can read it and understand it? (35:06)
  • What’s the one thing you want listeners to walk away from your episode, with? (39:58)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Ben’s background and how he ended up in the sports writing world. (01:06)
  • Why he decided to transition from a 10-person company to a huge one, and how we dealt with the change. (06:13)
  • Ben’s advice on coming up with a creative title for articles, or books. (13:44)
  • About the Bleacher Report’s app and why is different than other sports apps. (26:36)
  • Ben’s advice for people that want to write a book. (32:21)

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