Episode 22

Colt Colletti: The Jungle Gym Trainer

In today’s world, everyone is being rewarded just to do the job that they were assigned to do and not go above and beyond. But if you don’t go out there and give your best effort, if you don’t go out there and try to display excellence and be the best that you can be, what kind of man are you going to be?

On today’s episode, I talk with Colt about the workouts he does, and the techniques he uses to push athletes and bodybuilders to their highest potential.

Colt Colletti is a native of River Ridge, who prepped at John Curtis Christian High School and played for the Colonels from 2000-2004. During his senior campaign in 2004, Colletti played in nine games and rushed for 546 yards on 91 carries with six touchdowns. Colt’s four years totals include 380 carries for 2051 yards and 24 touchdowns. Colt spends his time down in his home state of Louisiana and has some of the most well-known NFL athletes come to stay with him and train in what he calls “The Jungle” which is his house and garage gym.

So, listen to Episode 22 of Deposit That, to learn what it takes to train toward your goals, and that consistent work is the secret sauce to achieving whatever you desire.

Questions I ask:

  • What are those top three things that you look for when you’re sizing somebody up before you’re going to train them? (03:30)
  • What was that big hurdle that got you the recognition that took you to the next level where people were knocking on your door to train them? (14:06)
  • When you train these athletes, obviously you’re up against all of the odds and everyone’s trying to say, “Don’t do that, don’t do this.” How do you handle that? (14:37)
  • In your opinion, what’s the definition of work? (22:59)
  • Do you believe you are one of the five people you surround yourself with, or not really? (28:36)
  • In a perfect world, where do you see yourself along with the help of others, taking your training business in the next couple of years? (29:54)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • About the type of workout he was doing, when he first started, at around 8 years old. (02:08)
  • Colt’s experience with a car accident and how his life changed after that. (10:34)
  • About his dogs and how they are his inspiration every day. (18:05)
  • Colt’s vision and goal for his workout programs and the type of persons he is looking for, to become his clients. (24:48)
  • Colt’s Deposit That advice. (34:48)

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