Episode 20

Paul Oster & Eric Stuerken: The Nation's Credit Repairmen - Your Umbrella for Rainy Days

Time is of essence when you need money. It’s like those rainy days when nobody is going to hand you their umbrella if you don’t have one, so you need to be prepared. There are some steps you should follow, in order to improve your credit score, so that when you do need money, the process to obtain it gets easier.

On today’s episode, I talk to Paul and Eric from Better Qualified about financial literacy and credit education. We touch on subjects like credit reports, business credits, joint accounts and they also share some tips for high school and college students.

Paul Oster, FICO Pro is considered the “Nation’s Credit Repairman” – a credit expert who has appeared on numerous network radio and TV shows (FOX BUSINESS NEWS, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, PIX11).  He has also written for Kiplinger’s, WSJ, and The Daily News. Mr. Oster is the founder and President of Better Qualified, LLC. Paul has over 20 years of experience in both the insurance and banking industries and, has dedicated his life as a consumer advocate.  Paul is also proud to have served on the Board of Directors for the American Red Cross. His humor and intelligence are highly sought-after from executives in the C-Suite of major corporations.

Eric Stuerken graduated the University of Binghamton in 92 – All American sprinter and national soccer team honors. He played football in Germany for a season after graduating. Athletics and entrepreneurship have always run through his veins and his various ventures. Eric is a co-founder of Better Qualified.

So, listen to Episode 20 of Deposit That, to learn what are the steps you need to take to ensure you have cash when you need it.

Questions I ask:

  • How did you guys get started in the business? What’s your story? What’s your background? (00:44)
  • They say there’s a direct correlation between your financial health and your physical health. Do you believe that at all? (02:33)
  • High school and college kids – what’s your top two things you would tell them to begin building their credit from as early as a freshman in high school, all the way up to a senior in college? (20:42)
  • I know one of your biggest businesses is business credits for LLCs. Do you guys want to touch on that? (28:21)
  • What do you guys typically charge to establish somebody’s business credit and if they call you guys with the code QB or Deposit That, what discount can you give them? (35:10)

In this episode you will learn:

  • The origins of “The Nation’s Credit Repairman” nickname. (07:08)
  • The value that a sports background brings to entrepreneurship. (11:26)
  • Why 90% of the credit reports in America are inaccurate. (14:23)
  • About their credit monitoring program. (16:42)
  • Paul’s and Eric’s Deposit That advice. (38:24)

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