Episode 19

Jonathan Eppers: The Good Vybes of CBD - Debunking the Myths

It feels like the world is moving much faster today than it used to, and people are looking for ways to slow things down a little bit and be more present in their life. We are experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety, and balancing our work and wellness becomes tougher every day.

Jonathan tested the calming effects of CBD on himself, and seeing how beneficial it could be to people, he decided to start making beverages that contained CBD.

In today’s episode, he explains to us everything there is to know about it, he debunks the myths according to which CBD gets you high, and he shares his super interesting story of how he got to be the market leader in this industry by keeping transparent and having people’s best interest at heart.

Jonathan Eppers is the CEO & Founder of VYBES, a wellness beverage crafting organic drinks made with Hemp CBD (Cannabidiol). VYBES has helped pioneer an emerging new category of functional beverages focused on addressing well-being & mind + body function. Prior to VYBES, Jonathan was the CEO & Founder of RadPad, an end-to-end rental marketplace that made finding a place, signing a lease, and paying rent much easier. Jonathan made the switch from tech to CPG after he began using CBD to help with his own anxiety and believed CBD could help a lot more people, if only it was available in beverage form, which led to the origins of VYBES, now one of the category leaders.

So, listen to Episode 19 of Deposit That to learn about an alternative to pain medications that could be beneficial for your work-life balance.

Questions I ask:

  • Do you think eventually CBD gets into sports more dominantly? And is the recovery actually proven to be that much better? (02:40)
  • Do you believe that CBD actually gives you that brain recovery that you normally wouldn’t get on your own until you train yourself to get it? (22:26)
  • How many milligrams should somebody take of CBD per day and how should they split those dosages? (24:54)
  • Do you think eventually humans will be able to be tested and then recommended dosages will be given of CBD? (34:09)
  • Do you see, eventually CBD being covered by insurance? (38:54)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What actually is CBD. (00:34)
  • About Jonathan’s background, before Vybes and how he got acquainted to CBD. (03:34)
  • About the ingredients in their beverages. (32:54)
  • Jonathan’s opinion on whether it’s recommended or prohibited to give toddlers a taste of their beverages. (37:53)
  • Jonathan’s Deposit That advice. (46:21)

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