Episode 18

Jade Scipioni: The Story Behind the Scenes

Interviewing someone is a very intimate thing and requires skills and practice. You have to go meet someone, ask the right questions and feel the energy – and all that, in a short timeframe. You have to find that connection quickly and you want to get the goods.

In today’s episode, Jade shares with us her experience as a reporter and how she developed her skills. Throughout the interview, she demonstrates some of her questioning techniques on me, and she also shares some tips on what you should focus on when you meet a person for the first time.


Jade Scipioni has always wanted to be a journalist and she is currently a senior reporter at CNBC, but in the past, she has worked at Fox, Bloomberg, CNN, and CBS News. She has interviewed many high profile CEOs, celebrities and politicians. Jade is also passionate about health and wellness and she is always looking to uncover the stories behind the scenes.

So, whether you’re a fresh reporter, a new podcaster or an individual curious to discover new ways of getting to know someone, listen to Episode 18 of Deposit That to learn how you can improve your interviewing skills.

Questions I ask:

  • How do you recommend getting to know someone? (16:20)
  • Do you think there’s a correlation between interviewing somebody for what you do and interviewing somebody either as a friend or as a relationship? Is that the same type of interview? (20:52)
  • Who’s your favorite person that you’ve interviewed on a personal level? (28:17)
  • Where do you develop your questions from? (30:57)
  • What’s your favorite story you’ve ever covered? (33:00)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Jade’s background story. (00:33)
  • How Jade picks her stories. (21:52)
  • How to interview someone you don’t like. (31:59)
  • The power of social media today. (46:08)
  • Jade’s Deposit That advice. (52:37)

Connect with Jade:

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