Episode 17

Susan Vanech: The Real Estate Strategist

The real estate business requires vision and strategy. These two elements are interconnected and they cannot be separated. The best real estate agents have the vision to transform any house into a dream home for a person and have good strategies to close deals in their client’s favor.

Susan is walking into every listing appointment with a level of confidence that she knows what she’s doing. She values the truth and she is always honest with her clients, whether they are buyers or sellers.

In today’s episode, I discuss with Susan what it takes to be in the real estate business, why it’s important to step out of your comfort zone in order to accomplish what you want, and she also gives a bit of insight on the pricing in the market that we’re in now.

Susan Vanech has profitably invested in real estate in NYC and Fairfield County for twenty plus years. With a passion for re-envisioning real estate, Susan assists property owners and prospective buyers to effectively and efficiently navigate today’s real estate market to maximize opportunity. Susan uses her unique vision to best position every property she represents in front of the widest possible audience, using targeted marketing techniques.

So, listen to Episode 17 of Deposit That, to learn the steps you need to do to succeed if you have a goal in the real estate industry.

Questions I ask:

  • When you first got into real estate, what do you think your mentality was? (00:51)
  • Do you think your background education has made you successful in real estate, directly? (05:30)
  • How do you personally like to strategize pricing? (27:11)
  • Do you think most people selling their once-perfect dream home, are still so emotionally attached to it and that’s why they price it higher than they should, sometimes? (29:00)
  • What would you say are the two biggest challenges of raising kids at the age that they’re at, right now? (33:25)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Susan deals with people that have so much potential, but they are unable to see it in themselves. (03:43)
  • How having a vision and a strategy go hand in hand. (20:37)
  • Susan’s business model. (30:31)
  • How technology will influence the real estate market. (32:51)
  • Susan’s Deposit That advice. (43:24)

Connect with Susan:

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