Episode 16

Teru Clavel: The Faults of America’s Education System

Back in the days, you could still have the American Dream, have an education and greater opportunities, even though you were born in unlucky circumstances.

Now, that doesn’t happen because there are so many blocks, and everything starts with the lack of funding towards education. Today, it’s really challenging to raise a child, even if you are a dual-income earning family.

So what needs to be changed?

On today’s episode, Teru and I discuss our children’s future. We touch on the biggest problems in schooling in America, we make comparisons between the Japanese and the American schooling system, and we discuss the reasons nowadays, why children are sent to school.

Teru Clavel is a comparative education expert and author. She has written columns on education for the Japan Times and the Financial Times, and has made appearances on numerous TV and radio shows, and podcasts. Teru spent a decade raising her family in Asia (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo) and has a BA in Asian studies and an MS in comparative international education. After two years in Palo Alto, CA, she has recently returned to live in New York with her family.

So, listen to Episode 16 of Deposit That, to find out Teru’s views on education after she traveled the world in search of a better schooling system.

Questions I ask:

  • Start from the beginning. Who are you? (00:00:34)
  • Tell us about this book you have out. When did it come out? (00:08:22)
  • Do your kids speak multiple languages? (00:09:13)
  • I feel like you want to change the overall curriculum and education experience in America. Is that your number one priority right now? (00:46:06)
  • How do we get parents to actually parent their children? (00:54:21)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The biggest problems today in schooling in America. (00:15:26)
  • How people become teachers in Japan, in comparison to America. (00:20:44)
  • How Teru would implement discipline to the different age groups. (00:41:31)
  • What opportunity zones are and how they influence education. (01:02:15)
  • Teru’s Deposit That advice. (01:06:37)

Connect with Teru:

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