Episode 15

Andrew Chavers Jr: The Art of a Giant

Art comes in many forms. It can be a therapeutic way of expressing your emotions, your thoughts in a unique way, and it can be inspired by so many aspects of anyone’s life.

For Andrew, art means drawing on dictionaries and maps, and his imagination flows from images and videos posted on social media.

On today’s episode, he explains his art, and why he felt the need to be original, creative and have his own style.

Andrew Chavers Jr. is a self-taught artist. He started drawing since he was nine years and his inspiration back then were cartoon characters. As time went by, he started drawing landscapes and other things that were required in school.

Andrew always wanted to stay in his lane and not do other people’s things, so he came up with drawing on maps and dictionaries. He has a full-time job, he is a husband and a father of two children, but he always finds time to take care of his hobby.

So, listen to Episode 15 of Deposit That, to find out about a unique style of art and about the man that came up with it.

Questions I ask:

  • Tell me about how you got started in this talented field that you’ve created for yourself. (00:21)
  • Do you remember that pivotal moment where you decided to take it to the next level? (01:34)
  • Do you ever see this becoming a full-time gig for you? (06:07)
  • Where did you come up with this dictionary portrait style highlighting? (06:41)
  • Have you seen anyone else with the same style? (15:14)
  • What’s your favorite type of artwork to create? (19:37)
  • How do you pick and choose who you follow on Instagram? (27:36)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Who was the first person that bought Andrew’s work, and what’s the story behind it. (02:52)
  • How Andrew balances his work, personal life, and his drawing hobby. (05:44)
  • Andrew’s advice on how to stay humble when you get successful. (13:04)
  • Andrew’s favorite piece he’s ever done. (26:02)
  • The meaning of “Art is war”, in Andrew’s opinion. (24:59)
  • Andrew’s Deposit That advice. (30:56)
  • The cost of a customized piece of art. (31:49)

Connect with Andrew:


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