Episode 14

Andy Lazev & Mike Conte: The Hurdles of the Appraisal Industry

One of the most important things in business has always been relationships and people tend to forget how valuable they are.

From 2009 to 2012, a lot of appraisal guidelines, rules and requirements were changed to make it harder for lenders and real estate professionals to do business.

On today’s episode, I have four guests that share their vast, 40-year experience in the appraisal industry.

Andy Lazev is the co-founder of Nationwide Property & Appraisal Services. As the CEO of Nationwide, Andy manages the technical and operations direction of the Company, providing strategic guidance on process and system development and the development of internal quality and compliance standards.

Haley Freedman is a second-generation Certified General Appraiser, with 40 years of experience in the industry. Professional education includes numerous appraisal courses taught by the Appraisal Institute and the Society of Real Estate Appraiser. Haley has received several awards from employers and peers over the years and is regarded as a leader by many in the industry.

Mike Moore has been in Lending and Lending services for his entire career. Spending his first five years as a loan officer for a top ten retail organization, he then moved to the vendor management department and eventually went on to run operations at multiple Appraisal Management Companies. Joining NPAS in April 2018, Mike has been focused on growing the sales and account management teams by 80% and rolling out new, innovative products to ensure NPAS maintains its position as a leader in the valuation space.

So, listen to Episode 14 of Deposit That, an episode filled with valuable pieces of advice from people that know their business inside out.

Questions I ask:

  • How do you, personally, as an owner of a company maintain loyalty, where your core people have been there and they’re loyal to you and they have your back? (12:49)
  • Do you believe that technology is going to replace a lot of your staff at some point? (16:22)
  • Should somebody who inherits a property or should somebody who is thinking about selling a property get a private appraisal before speaking to a realtor, in your opinion, or is it almost like, “Why do that”? (22:03)
  • Are you looking to take on new clients as well, as far as mortgage companies, banks, and everything? Are you guys actively searching? (32:48)
  • I’m sure since you’ve been around 40 years, you’ve been offered bribes, I’m sure many people have called up and said, “Hey, I need this valuation.” How do you prevent the desperation from controlling the outcome? (50:58)
  • How much weight do you put on a local expert appraiser or valuationist? (56:27)
  • In your 40 years of experience, what’s been the two toughest times for you in the appraisal world? (01:04:41)
  • In both of you, gentlemen’s opinion, what’s one thing you would leave somebody with after hearing you guys speak or based on your experience in the business? (01:06:44)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The hurdles with compliance in the appraisal industry. (18:38)
  • Andy’s advice for you, to deposit in your memory bank. (37:54)
  • The biggest mistakes that people make, when they’re giving estimate valuations of their property. (42:53)
  • The flaws of Zillow. (44:30)
  • How younger people get trained in the industry and how they learn to do business. (53:01)
  • The biggest hurdle, from an appraisal standpoint, in today’s current economic environment. (58:02)
  • Where the market is headed right now. (01:05:16)

Connect with The Nationwide Property & Appraisal Services team:

Andy Lazev:

  • LinkedIn
  • Email: ala@onestopappraisals.com

Mike Conte:

  • LinkedIn
  • Email: mconte@onestopappraisals.com

Mike Moore:

  • LinkedIn
  • Email: mmoore@onestopappraisals.com

Haley Freedman:

  • LinkedIn
  • Email: hfreedman@onestopappraisals.com

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