Episode 11

Mirza Avdovic: Real Estate is like a Sports Game

Have you thought of playing the real estate game? What about buying a home or investing in new developments?

If you want to make a better decision for yourself or to know where the next big change is going to be, you really need to understand the economics of the world, the reasons behind every past change, and you have to know your numbers, because real investors know the gameplay.

On today’s episode, my guest is Mirza Avdovic, with whom I talk about the new trends in the real estate market of New York.

Mirza is an avid sports enthusiast who played football, basketball, and tennis competitively in high school and college. He enjoys channeling his desire to win by understanding his client’s wants and translating them into tangible results. He has helped foreign and domestic clients navigate the complex real estate world of New York City. During this short span of time, Mirza has developed a stellar reputation of building close connections, maintaining close communication and for consistently surpassing his client’s expectations.

So, don’t miss Episode 11 of Deposit That, to see what are the most wanted areas in New York for new developments, to learn all about Astoria market, and to get some valuable advice on property from a former REBNY Rookie of the Year.

Questions I ask:

  • Tell us about you being young and you getting it in the hottest real estate market probably in the country. (00:42)
  • What advice, right now, based on what you’re seeing in the New York City marketplace do you have for developers looking to now acquire new development sites? (05:28)
  • Where you’ve seen money come in from, right now? (12:23)
  • In real estate, people win and unfortunately, people lose – In your opinion, over the next 12-18 months, who loses? (28:02)
  • What’s your theory or what plan would you implement to feel the vacant storefronts? (30:17)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Mirza is currently analyzing a deal. (07:26)
  • About the Amazon Deal – how it failed and what is Mirza’s opinion on it. (17:34)
  • How the new real estate market laws are going to negatively impact the overall New York City real estate market. (24:23)
  • About the homelessness in New York City and how that can impact the sales of luxury spaces. (31:59)
  • Mirza’s deposit that advice to first-time buyers and developers on why it’s important to understand the economics of the world. (34:28)

Connect with Mirza:

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