Episode 3

Entrepreneurship is Cool with Danny Pozo & Jeff Esquillo

To be a true entrepreneur, you really have to look to grow your business,

And make it not only just as a way for you to live and survive financially.

This isn’t something that everybody can do.

You can be passionate about what you’re passionate about,

But you also have to have a business mind behind it, too.

And if you can bring in somebody who’s like-minded, aligned with your goals, your visions and brings in resources that you might not have access to, there’s always value in that.

For today’s episode, I met with two cool guys, who courageously started a business, going all in. We focused on two main topics: cryotherapy – what it does to your body and who is it for – and entrepreneurship – what it really means and what it takes to be one.

Danny Pozo & Jeff Esquillo are business associates, service providers and owners of Cryo Central Cryotherapy. They first opened in 2015, in a time when cryotherapy wasn’t that popular, and managed to grow, now being present in three locations. They’re also offering people the opportunity to franchise their own Cryo Central.

They say that choosing a business partner is just as important as choosing a life partner that you get married to.

So listen to Episode 3 of Deposit That to get meaningful answers from two successful entrepreneurs and learn everything about cryotherapy.

Questions I ask:

  • What is cryotherapy? (00:50)
  • Who needs to come to cryotherapy? (02:30)
  • Where do you see the industry headed? (06:00)
  • What are the top three things that you believe cryotherapy helps with? (10:35)
  • What is T-shock and who is it for? (14:45)
  • Can you turn an employee into an entrepreneur? (40:20)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The history of Cryo Central; (01:20)
  • The benefits of cryotherapy; (06:45)
  • How cryotherapy works; (08:46)
  • Three internal factors that an individual has to have in order to be an entrepreneur; (37:45)
  • How to choose the right partner for your business. (44:15)

Connect with Jeff and Danny:

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