Episode 2

Sports, food and a healthy lifestyle with Ezron Bryson

Each individual is different.

Even though they may look exactly the same, they have totally different needs.

There are two basic foundations for a healthier life: diet and exercise.

Basically, it’s calories in – calories out.

If you’re eating right, your body processes food directly

And you just have to add a little exercise to get the blood flowing.

On today’s episode, I cover a lot of topics with my friend Ezron Bryson. We talk about his NFL experience as an athletic trainer, he shares his knowledge on a healthier lifestyle, and we discuss racism and gender equality in the sports world.

Ezron is currently an athletic trainer with the New York Jets football team. He is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist and corrective exercise specialist. He has worked with many professional, collegiate and high school athletes in many types of sports, including Football and Basketball. He has experience and formal training in sports management and has analyzed business organizations in terms of structure, strategy, market, and finance.

He says that a balanced life starts with a great partner.

So listen to Episode 1 of Deposit That, to find out how we, as regular persons and not sports professionals, can live a better and healthier life.

Questions I ask:

  • At what point do you say, “No, you’re not good.” versus “Okay, you seem to be good, get back out there.”? (00:24:18)
  • What’s your theory on reflexology? (00:33:30)
  • How do you live a healthy lifestyle and afford it? (00:47:30)
  • Do you think women are being protected by not being put into men’s locker rooms? (00:52:33)
  • What has been your experience, in the NFL in particular, dealing with racism? (00:55:43)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How something as simple as your big toe’s lack of mobility, can affect your entire performance. (00:31:38)
  • A simple routine people could follow in order to have a healthier life. (00:35:36)
  • Ezron’s opinion on the Ketogenic diet. (00:40:54)
  • Eating healthier and working out less, vs eating bad food and working out more. (00:51:23)
  • Ezron’s tips on work-life balance. (01:01:25)

Connect with Ezron:

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