The Wizard of Opportunity Zones with Josh Burrell

Opportunity Zones are relatively new.

Legislation has been around since Dec. 22nd, 2017,

But only recently it has become clear as to the direction and the reason behind it.

The Governors of each State had up to 25% of their State to designate as opportunity zones.

Although most of them are not real estate/business people,

If they were to listen to their communities,

They could understand which ones need it the most and which other communities just need that additional spark.

On today’s episode, we’re off to see the “Wizard of OZ”. Josh shares with us his knowledge about the opportunity zones and the concerns people have regarding them.

Josh Burrell is Managing Partner at Activated Capital. He received his education from Harvard University, with a core focus in real estate. Beginning his career at Moody’s Investor Services, Josh honed his analytical ability to pinpoint undervalued assets and went on to work in London, Paris, Hong Kong, and Singapore offices. He had worked as a Senior Analyst at Colonial Consulting, where he evaluated and underwrote investment transactions and focused his time designated to socially responsible investment (SRI) opportunities, formulating investment decisions and tactical asset allocation strategies for endowment and foundations. Before holding the current position, he was the Director of Investments for Midas Capital, a private-equity real estate firm with a primary focus in hospitality assets located in the mid-west and southeast regions of the United States.

So, listen to this Bonus Episode of Deposit That, to find out what the legislation says about opportunity zones and who can benefit from them.

Questions I ask:

  • What is the legal definition of an opportunity zone? (03:36)
  • Are people coming to you, saying, “Hey, you’re the expert, we have $60 million. What do we do with it?” (10:54)
  • Are you getting any type of negative feedback from people? (13:00)
  • Do you feel like you, guys, are actually setting the bar for the rest of the opportunity zones players? (14:12)
  • What’s one thing you want to leave the listeners with, from your 30 years of experience? (36:25)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What an opportunity zone is. (01:01)
  • Josh’s background and experience. (05:33)
  • One of Josh’s big goals, with his company. (14:47)
  • Who is now playing at the opportunity zones investing table. (23:28)
  • The minimum investment required for his fund. (24:46)

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